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From a Not So Far Country as Italy is…

by Alessandro Ghebreigziabiher

Dear Americans,
I am not a citizen of the States; I didn’t have to vote for your ‘war’ president or for the ‘peace’ one, even if today the word peace is not ever the exact contrary of war.
However, in my fair Italy, never as in this case, all the medias talked about your president’s elections. In my modest opinion everything goes around the word ‘your’. Yes, because normally important politic changes in the most powerful nation in the world influence life of the rest of the planet. But when among all the various meanings that this event has got there is the persistence of a modern kind of world war or not, ‘your’ elections are significant for me as you.

In this way I put a question to myself: If I can’t vote for a president that may decide something important for my life I have less rights than you do? I know that a cynic attitude could consider that, maybe,

Mr. Kerry just wanted transform this lonely endurance in a democratic crusade with benediction of O.N.U. and, above all, the whole Europe, but each little modifications in the matter of occupation of sovereign states are substantial, I suppose.

I saw Michael Moore’s film, Fahrenheit 9/11, and I appreciated its irony; I always like irony. However it didn’t tell me anything new. I am a movies maniac and a lot of films before made me think about the contradictions of a nation as complex as yours (I have to forget this pronoun…).

I am referring to Coppola’s Apocalypse Now, Kubrick’s Full Metal Jacket, Cimino’s Mad City and so on.

Besides I know that cinema industry is very important in your society. But I am confused, now. Did American people really watch films? Or do they just produce them?

Talking about my country I have to say that in Italy we are in a very difficult period.

I don’t know if it’s better to speak about your politic moment than ours is. I can’t say if Italians watch their movies but I am sure that they pass a lot of time with their television… Even in this case a pronoun makes a great difference. Did I say ‘Their’ television? Berlusconi’s television, I think.

It seems that italic people have just the opportunity of moving from a channel to another one but where is freedom if all of them are Mr. Silvio’s property? Yes, because he is leader of the government, owner of the state TV industry’s competitor, editor of the most important national medias and a lot of other things too at the same time.

He is all that he needs and nothing of what may cause him problems. The judges know it well. And what a best friend for Mr. Bush than an incredible smart guy as Mr. Berlusconi is?

But, as I think it is the same in your country, the real problem is why so many people want these men as leaders. I know that mine it’s not a genius idea and a lot of bright minds meditated on people who accepted Hitler, more than Adolf himself, for example.

But I don’t pretend to have a particular brain. In Bowling for Columbine Mr. Moore give this message, simplifying: Americans want Bush and his family also because they have cultural and historical problems with their fear.

So, now I am talking to the part of the States who chose the ‘war’ president: why did you hide yourself behind a bush if a skyscraper wasn’t enough? And don’t think that mine is a cynical words joke. Because today, when you vote for a president or for another one, your decision concerns more people than you might conceive.

The day after the September 11, 2001 our governors declared that we are all Americans. I am afraid about it, since that moment. And I think you may comprehend this, don’t you?

Believe me, I am doing what I can to understand how it’s possible that in Italy, a country full of history, culture, creativity and humanity we have a leader so little, in each sense. And it’s not a problem of Left or Right, not an ideological matter but, above all, of human and moral responsibility.

Yes, I am saying that it’s a responsibility affair, now, in our world. Because, even without very good films as you’ve made, Italians know perfectly how Mr. Berlusconi reached his place and why he needs to remain there. This one was not a good weapon for his opponents, we all know perfectly.

And you may easily perceive this phenomenon because your last election proved the same, I think. Before I told you about my apprehension of someone that, in my name, said to the entire world that I am American. Don’t be angry for this because it’s just a problem of time. When I was a kid, when I played basketball, I dreamed to be a real American black player. However, yesterday, now and in the rest of my days I am proud to say that we are all human persons.

I just want to suggest that we all have to understand the true entire meaning of our choices. For example, considering how many people depended on it, even if it expects us to look over our frontiers.’

So, at the end of my words, I make you a proposal: what do you think if sometimes I send to you some news from a not so far country as Italy is? Many thanks for your attention and best wishes


‘your’ Italian friend.

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